<span>5 Steps to Getting </span> a Building Permit
<span>5 Steps to Getting </span> a Building Permit

5 Steps to Getting a Building Permit

New distribution centers are popping up all over the US, and they’re a great way to expand your business.  Getting a building permit for your material handling needs can be tedious and challenging.

There’s a lot to do before you open your first distribution center, and it’s important to lay the groundwork before you get caught up in details.

That means getting a building permit as soon as possible, instead of leaving it to the last minute.

Not sure on the exact process of getting a permit?

Don’t worry – we’ve broken it down into five easy steps.

1. Choose a Reputable Storage Rack Supplier

If it’s your first time opening a distribution center, you might be feeling like a fish out of water.

Luckily, you can make the process much easier by choosing a reputable storage rack supplier.

We have years of experience helping business owners to get accepted for permits, and even offer specific permit facilitation services. We’ll be able to highlight any potential problems and help you make the right decisions.

ABCO Systems can handle all of the details of getting a building permit.  We have years of experience in both design and implementation of built to code material handling systems.

2. Create a Comprehensive Floor Plan

One of the most crucial aspects of getting your permit application accepted is creating the right floor plan.

There are two steps to the floor plan process.

First, an ABCO expert will visit your site and put together a preliminary plan, detailing the proposed locations of your racking system and other storage. You’ll be able to review this and request changes.

Next, an engineer from ABCO Systems will carry out specific measurements of the entire building, and draw up a finished floor plan. This is what we’ll submit with your permit application.

3. Submit Documents for Review

On top of your floor plan, we’ll need to submit paperwork detailing the sprinkler and egress plans for the building, the type of work that will be carried out, and more.

Everything that’s submitted must be stamped by an architect or professional engineer.  Our PE is efficient and an expert in warehouse engineering.

The exact paperwork required will vary from state to state, and you might need extra documentation if you’ll be storing food, alcohol, or other restricted items.

ABCO’s experience with the permit process is unparalleled. We’ll be able to triple check your paperwork before we submit it to ensure that nothing is missing.

4. Prepare for Inspection

Once your paperwork has been submitted and approved, we’ll be contacted by an inspector.

They’ll visit your distribution center, ensure that everything matches the documents submitted, and look out for any potential issues.

Proper preparation is essential, and you should ensure the warehouse matches the floor plan perfectly.

Issues like lack of aisle space or racks blocking doors could extend the time it takes to get your permit, so be thorough.

5. Make Requested Corrections

Don’t panic if your inspector requests a few corrections.

These may be easy enough to alter without updating your floor plan, or you might need to rethink your entire layout.  ABCO’s knowledge of building codes and regulations will help to keep changes to a minimum and prevent additional cost and time loss.

Pay close attention to the feedback you get and ABCO will follow it to the letter to ensure the process isn’t held up any longer than necessary.  An ABCO staff member will be on site at your inspection to ensure understanding of any problems.

Tips for Getting a Building Permit

Having your permit application rejected costs time and money.

Get it right the first time by hiring a reputable racking company like ABCO Systems to help, putting together a solid floor plan, and preparing thoroughly for your inspection.

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