<span>Get Serious</span> About Safety

Get Serious About Safety

warehouse safety

Being that we are a construction company, we have always been serious about safety. It has always been our first priority for a plethora of different reasons.

However, it was not until about 5 years ago that we learned how much we did not know. ABCO started to work with our insurance company to create standards for our staff and plans in case of emergency. We are still evolving and we are still learning more every day.

Further to that, because we work with local code officials in townships all across the country, we have learned a lot of what they have to teach us. For them, it comes down to the simple fact that life safety is their only priority.

It is because of this that we are beginning to place even more of focus on helping our customers create safer environments for their teams. There are some seemingly basic life safety requirements that are often times overlooked and we are dedicated to increasing our own knowledge to ensure that we continue to provide more and more value to our customers.

Warehouse Safety
  • Is your fire protection system up to date? Do you have enough water flow in your building to support your commodity and how it is stored in your Pallet Rack or your Garment on Hanger (GOH).
  • Do you have proper signs and lighting on your Flat Pack Mezzanine or GOH Pick Module?
  • Are your Egress Lights active and working? Do you have a clear Egress path?
  • Do you have the necessary safety barriers between lift equipment and walking staff members?

We can help you identify and rectify all of these potential hazards. Not only will it help increase employee moral by showing you care about employee safety, but it will also increase productivity by having standard operating procedures. On top of all that, a clearly documented safety protocol can also reduce your liability, and therefore your costs, with your insurance company.

ABCO Systems has developed a safety/maintenance program that can help with all of your needs.

Please contact us with any questions.